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In the era of the multi-faceted challenge of climate change, energy transition and artificial intelligence, the LDK Consultants’ team succeeds in providing integrated consulting services and solid recommendations to large corporates, donors, policy makers, think tanks and governments.

LDK Consultants’ recent state-of-the-art engineering and development consultancies span in 6 sectors, namely Engineering and Project Management, Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Environment, Information Dissemination and Socioeconomic Development. They are now presented at the Annual Review 2023.

LDK Consultants, is the largest international Greek consultancy group with companies in 3 continents and offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan, Kenya and Serbia.

Since 1968, it has designed and delivered 2.900 projects in 120 countries.

LDK Consultants is a trusted partner of international funders, investors and policy makers and is contributing with its blend of expertise in engineering and policy advice; its constant collaboration with the public and private sector is undoubtedly promoting the sustainability of the economy and environment worldwide.

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