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In LDK all forms of violence and harassment are prohibited, as well as all forms of harassment based on gender and all forms of sexual harassment that occur in the course of work or are either connected to or arising from work.

In LDK it is forbidden to engage in acts of violence or harassment:
(a) at the workplace, including public and private areas and places where work is done, in break rooms, at the Company's hygiene and care facilities;
(b) during commuting to and from the Company's office, in travels, in trainings, at work-related events and social activities;
(c) in work-related communications, including those carried out by information technology applications and online services.

LDK’s employee have the right to file a complaint against any form of violence or harassment. Violence and harassment should be reported to the competent Complaints Committee, which consists of the Head of Human Resources and the Company’s General Manager.

LDK has a detailed Anti-Violence and Anti-Harassment Policy Regulation in accordance with Law 4808/2021, which outlines the procedure for reporting or filing a complaint about incidents of violence or harassment and designates the Company's Head of Human Resources as the point of contact for employees seeking guidance and information on the prevention and treatment of violence and harassment at work.

LDK ensures that employees are properly informed about the procedures for resolving incidences of violence through the Anti-Violence and Anti-Harassment Policy Regulation, which is available to all employees and stakeholders.

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