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Our policy aims to specify how we will continuously improve our performance in relation to Information Security during the provision of consulting services and the preparation of our studies, in Greece and abroad.

The Management, recognising how critical information and information systems are during the execution of the company's operational functions, supports and promotes actions aimed at ensuring the secure operation of the systems. For this reason, the company has developed and implements an Information Security Policy aiming at:

  • Safeguarding confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information managed by it
  • Protecting contact data of its customers
  • Complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its operation
  • Responding immediately to incidents that might infringe Information Security


  • The organisational structures that are necessary for the monitoring of issues related to Information Security are specified
  • The technical measures for controlling and restricting access to information and information systems are laid down
  • An information classification scheme is adopted, depending on the criticality and value of information
  • The necessary actions for the protection of information during the stages of processing, storage and distribution thereof are described
  • Methods for updating and training the employees and associates of the company in matters of Information Security are set out
  • Methods for dealing with Information Security incidents are identified
  • Methods for ensuring the secure continuity of the company's business operations in cases of malfunction of information systems or in cases of destruction are described

The company performs assessments of the risks related to Information Security at regular intervals and takes the necessary measures to address them; A framework is implemented for evaluating the effectiveness of Information Security procedures through which performance indicators are defined, the methodology of measuring them is described, and periodic reports are produced and reviewed by the Company's Management, in order to continuously improve the system.

The Information Security Officer is responsible for overseeing and monitoring Information Security policies and procedures and taking the necessary steps to eliminate all factors that could jeopardise the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the company’s information.

All employees and associates of the company with access to information and information systems are responsible for complying with the rules of the applicable corporate Information Security Policy.

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