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Mr Stavros Damianidis, CEO of LDK Consultants, was elected as the second Vice President of the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO), during its Annual General Meeting last December 2023, in Athens, Greece.

Following his election, Mr Damianidis thanked Ms Miss Kallidromitou, President of HELLASCO and the members of the Board of Directors for their trust. He assured them that he will work hard on promoting the engineering consulting sector in Greece and abroad and will start by assisting in the drafting of a realistic action plan for the next two years.

The Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1981, representing Greek engineering consulting firms that are mainly involved in the provision of consulting services for design, planning and implementation of technical and development projects and programmes of the public and private sector in Greece and abroad.

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