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LDK Consultants has recently undertaken a very challenging Project, regarding the Provision of Support to the Ministry of Mining and Energy (MOME) of the Republic of Serbia

on the Development of Energy Planning Capacity (EuropeAid/135625/IH/SER/RS).

The duration of the Project is 24 months.

The overall objective of the project is to support Serbia in reforming its Energy Policy by meeting the EU Acquis through enhanced strategic planning. More specifically, the project envisages the achievement of 3 main results:

  • Result 1: Improved capacities for energy planning within MoME through the development of a tool for system modelling and energy projections.
  • Result 2: Improved capacities of the MoME for the preparation of relevant documents for energy planning, through realized trainings and through the preparation of relevant Reports.
  • Result 3: Improved capacities of the MoME for the monitoring of energy policy, through the development of relevant strategic documents.

LDK Consultants in the context of this project will provide a series of services:

  • Design of energy planning software;
  • Development of energy planning scenarios and projections;
  • Training on energy policy, planning, model usage and scenario building;
  • Training on Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and project prioritization;
  • Preparation of a CBA tool for project assessment and prioritization;
  • Development of a methodology for prioritization of energy projects;
  • Preparation of a list of key infrastructure projects for the energy sector of Serbia;
  • Development of an Energy Policy Monitoring Tool for the Energy Strategy and Programme.

The LDK Group is a trusted partner of international funders, investors and policy makers and is contributing with its blend of expertise in engineering and policy advice; its constant collaboration with the public and private sector is undoubtedly promoting the sustainability of the economy and environment worldwide.

The Group’s Energy sector constitutes one of the 6 major lines of service, along with Engineering & Project Management, Environment, Transport Infrastructure, Socioeconomic Development Consultancy and Information Dissemination.

LDK Consultants is a Group of 9 consulting and engineering companies with offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Kenya, Romania and Serbia.

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