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In the framework of the EU-funded Service Contract “Sustainable Water Integrated Management, Support Mechanism (SWIM-SM), a training was organised on 1-5 June 2014

, to familiarise Jordanian stakeholders with the system set-up by SWIM-SM to enable the effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of the participatory irrigation management (PIM) and Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) process in the country. The activity was part of the pilot implementation in Jordan of the regional PIM/IMT system previously developed by SWIM-SM. The training was divided into three parts.

Part I addressing the IT specialists who will be responsible for installing the system (computer application) and providing support to the users during the pilot implementation.

Part II targeting the partners at the national and regional levels implicated in the pilot implementation of the M&E system

Part III involving the local levels (the selected WUAs) implicated in the pilot implementation of the M&E system, in addition to the regional offices dealing with the selected WUAs.

PIM/IMT is an approach involving the people who directly use the irrigation water, i.e. the farmers and implying the transfer of irrigation management responsibilities from the government to Water Users Associations (WUAs), which in the long term can result in a more effective management of the resources, as many examples worldwide and in the Mediterranean Region show.

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