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Risk and return, opportunity cost, assets, variable costs, cash flow, return on investment, net present value, internal rate of return, interest rates, are familiar terms to all economics graduates, and investors alike. The former are well aware of their importance for investment analysis and decision making; the latter are risking their capital in the process. This difference in the point of view defines the importance of investment analysis and financial advice.

We are not investors, but we have learned through years of participation in the various phases (preparatory, design, financial closure, technical implementation) of investment projects the difference between a study and the actual investment. With our high level of responsibility we stand by the investor and offer expert advice, explain alternatives, identify legal or financial obstacles and opportunities, apply technical solutions, consider changing external conditions, give importance to details. Risk is a fundamental element in an investment, thus we help in clearly identifying and clarifying the implications from exposure to its various degrees. - Bottom info - Home 2 Section