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Support to procurement, implementation and monitoring of Energy Efficiency projects in Chisinau and Yerevan

Type of Services

External insulation of buildings envelope (walls; roof; basement); Replacement of windows and doors; installation of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery; Installation of individual heat substations with weather compensation control; Replacement of old heating systems; Replacement of old kitchen equipment; Installation of new internal LED lighting systems; Installation of photovoltaic systems for electricity generation; Installation of solar thermal systems for DHW generation; Smart metering systems and other.

LDK Consultants is providing assistance via:

  • QA and finalisation of procurement tasks for the first tranches of buildings to be renovated;
  • Completion of the ongoing projects preparation tasks for the second tranches of buildings including revision of procedures, updated buildings stocks and determination of the scope of technical modernisations;
  • Capacity building of the local counterparts and information dissemination;
  • Procurement and implementation support.

More specifically within the following components:

  • Feasibility study aiming to enhance the already performed feasibility studies for both Municipalities and to develop improved customised models for techno-economic assessment and selection of buildings. Actions include:
  • Assessment of data and site visits;
  • Determination of the revised technical scope of works, including EE measures for the refurbishment of the building shell, horizontal EE measures (lighting, solar PVs etc.), interventions to improve seismic safety and accessibility of disabled people;
  • Performance of pilot energy audits optimally covering different type of municipal buildings (schools, kindergartens, hospitals);
  • Update building stock database;
  • Definition of the investment project including buildings under Phase 1 and newly selected buildings;
  • Selection of a priority lists of buildings to be refurbished;
  • Definition of the “roll-out” phase aiming to replicate successful results of the initial phase and finance EE rehabilitations in a larger group of public buildings.
  • Procurement support   
  • Development of procurement
  • Assistance in preparation of tender documents and technical specifications for services and works’ contracts
  • Project implementation Manual    Municipal Project Implementation Tools
  • Development of detailed Project Implementation Manual;
  • Assistance in improvement of PMU structures.
  • Implementation support     
  • Support the PIUs in technical, financial and administrative issues of project supervision and management
  • TA in acceptance of works
  • Assistance in monitoring and verification of results from implemented actions.


LDK Consultants supporting the energy efficiency rehabilitation of public buildings in Moldova starting with the rehabilitation of six kindergartens

LDK Consultants, as lead technical assistance partner of the project; “Support to procurement; implementation and monitoring of Energy Efficiency projects in Chisinau and Yerevan” is assisting EIB and the municipalities of Chisinau (Moldova) and Yerevan (Armenia) in finalizing the pilot investment programme of energy efficiency rehabilitation of public buildings in the two municipalities.  
As part of this project; LDK Consultants provided procurement support for the selection of the Design & Built services contractor for the energy rehabilitation of six kindergartens in Chisinau; as part of the first tranche of public buildings that will undergo energy efficiency rehabilitation.

On the 1st of October 2020; the Municipality of Chisinau signed the first procurement contract for the provision of Design & Build services with the selected contractor in an official signing ceremony.
The project co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (Lead Financier); the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) will provide a total of €25 million for the energy efficiency rehabilitation of public buildings in Chisinau.

Within the next twelve months; deep rehabilitation and renovation works including energy efficiency and renewable energy integrated measures will be carried out in the six kindergartens; such as external insulation; replacement of windows and doors; installation of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery; smart meters and much more.  It is expected that after the implementation of the energy efficiency measures in the kindergartens; an annual monetary energy savings of approximately €150;000 per year will be achieved. The rehabilitated buildings will also have a lower energy consumption; thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and also provide a healthier and more comfortable environment for children and teachers with improved indoor air quality and warmer indoor temperatures during winter. - Bottom info