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Georgian Energy Efficiency Programme, Georgia

Type of Services

  • Performance of preliminary technical screening of energy efficiency and RES projects
  • Energy Audits including on site visits to the plants and collection of documentation and data regarding current energy consumption, applicable regulations and standards, procurement procedures and other requested inputs.
  • Checking of compliance with environmental, health and safety standards and regulations
  • Formulation of Project Assessment Reports
  • Assistance in the performance of market research for energy efficiency equipment and suppliers
  • Training of bankers and responsible facility personnel on energy efficiency issues.
  • Assistance in the monitoring of the projects, i.e. review and assessment of Clients’ reports


The aim of the project is to provide assistance to EBRD on the implementation of the Georgian Energy Efficiency Programme. EBRD has established a dedicated Credit Line for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Georgia aimed at end-users in the industrial sector, renewable energy sources developers and end-users in the residential sector. The specific objectives of the project are therefore:

  • To establish and build up good relationships with local banks, to enable the EBRD credit line to be used fully;
  • To create and implement a marketing plan to attract companies and identify projects, resulting in a sustainable credit line for the project pipeline thus established;
  • To prepare preliminary screening of eligible projects and prepare Project Assessment Reports, including energy audits (appr. 150 projects), in order to ensure that the projects are properly supported technically, so as to achieve the expected energy saving and financial results.
  • To monitor the progress of the projects and report to EBRD
  • A further objective of the project is to transfer skills to local staff so that local banks can continue lending on the established project pipeline and local engineers can establish new bankable projects and support their implementation. This will make the credit line sustainable through local bank lending. - Bottom info