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Development of a National Strategy on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Jordan

Type of Services



The services provided by LDK's staff within the assignment relate to the technical, financial, economic, institutional and educational aspects, as well as the Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) issues:

Project management;

  • Collection, review and analysis of existing data and information;
  • Assessment of the existing and forthcoming MSW management (institutional set-up, technical and operational performance, financial performance, public awareness and education programs);
  • Preparation of questionnaires for the horizontal and the in-depth analysis;
  • Elaboration of a socio-economic survey of waste picking activities, including preparation of three types of questionnaires;
  • Assessment and evaluation of existing situation of PPP in the Kingdom;
  • Formulation of the Strategic Planning Framework;
  • Elaboration of an options analysis for institutional set-up, technical and operational features, and financial sustainability);
  • Elaboration of a "Demand & Willingness-to-Pay Survey";
  • Definition of public awareness and education policy;
  • Synthesis and formulation of the national MSW management strategy;
  • Elaboration of the Feasibility Study of the recommended strategy;
  • Financial evaluation of the recommended strategy;
  • Development of format and provisions for tendering & procurements;
  • Formulation of the proposed MSWM Action Plan;
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference (ToR) to build local institutional, financial and PPP capacity in respect of the MSWM Strategy;
  • Capacity building through the preparation of training material and the elaboration of a 3-days' training workshop and 1-day study tour for civil servants from Jordanian authorities;
  • Organisation of two (2) other workshops for public consultation; and
  • Geographical interpretation of existing conditions and the proposed strategy features in GIS.

Staff Provided:

  • Mr. George Tsivilis (Sr. Solid Waste Management Expert)
  • Mr. Constantinos Nicolopoulos (Solid Waste Management Expert)
  • Mr. Christos Stathis (Solid Waste Management Expert)
  • Mr. Marwan Rizkallah (Institutional/PPP Expert)
  • Mrs. Eleni Avramidi (GIS Specialist)
  • Mrs. Khulood Tubaishat (Institutional/PPP Specialist)




The project refers to the formulation of the National Strategy for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Its main objective is to identify the most cost effective, efficient, affordable, and quality-service environmentally and socially sound MSW management framework in the Kingdom through improvements to institutional, operational, financial, socio-economic, and legal aspects.

To meet this objective, the following tasks are included:

Task 1: Diagnosis of the existing MSW management system
, from the legislative, institutional, technical, financial, educational, socio-economic and PPP points of view;
Task 2: Development of possible options and recommendations towards the establishment of an integrated and affordable MSW management system
according to the aforementioned points of view, including formulation of the strategic planning framework, options analysis, definition of public awareness and education policy, economic evaluation of options and finally recommendation of the National Strategy for MSW Management in the country;
Task 3: Implementation arrangements for the recommended strategy
, including the conduction of a Feasibility Study for the recommended strategy, its financial evaluation, development of format and provisions for tendering & procurements, formulation the Action Plan to implement the strategy, and capacity building for the implementation of the MSWM Action Plan. - Bottom info