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LDK Consultants personnel got together yesterday and spent some time, out of the actual and virtual office.

News and smiles were shared! The spirits were indeed high, as physical communication had been ‘lost’ because of the Covid-19.

Mr. Stavros Damianidis-CEO of the LDK Group, along with the members of the Board of Directors, gave a warm welcome to everybody, among which the staff from the Serbian LDK subsidiary office and more than 15 new employees.

Stavros expressed his gratitude for the hardworking members of the LDK ‘family’ and gave an outlook of the Group’s future plans, given the oxymoron of the steep GDP growth in the midst of the global energy crisis.

“Looking at you today, I am confident that LDK Consultants will continue to develop state of the art projects worldwide. Despite all difficulties, this gathering gives a strong signal of optimism against the past pandemic era, against all odds really. Let’s cease every possible business opportunity and make the best of it!’’

LDK Consultants is a Group of 9 consulting and engineering companies with offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan, Kenya, Romania and Serbia.

The LDK Group is a trusted partner of international funders, investors and policy makers and is contributing with its blend of expertise in engineering and policy advice; its constant collaboration with the public and private sector is undoubtedly promoting the sustainability of the economy and environment worldwide.

The Group’s 6 major lines of service are: Engineering & Project Management, Energy, Environment, Transport Infrastructure, Socioeconomic Development Consultancy, Information Dissemination.

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