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LDK was awarded recently by the European Commission a service contract under the title “Technical Assistance for the EUrocLIMA programme”, of a budget of 1.8 m Euros.

The beneficiary countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The services to be provided by LDK include:

WORK COMPONENT 1: POLICY & GOVERNANCE: Ensure proper coordination and implementation of the EUrocLIMA programme

1.    Coordinate the implementation of the three components,
2.    Establish a mutual information exchange mechanism between all actors
3.    Favor the ownership and sustainability of the results of the EUrocLIMA programme
4.    Support RIOCC activities when relevant
5.    Elaborate and present to the EC a sufficiently detailed study programme in order to allow the EC and other programme actors, as well as the focal points, to make decisions about the studies which should be implemented


WORK COMPONENT-3: Communication & Information Dissemination – Ensure the Visibility & Communication of the EUrocLIMA Programme

1.    Organise regional seminars
2.    Establish an information exchange in a frequent manner between organizations and actors on actions related to EUrocLIMA programme
3.    Create and implement a communication and visibility strategy adapted to the programme
4.    Create and manage a website for EUrocLIMA
5.    Disseminate the activities and results of the programme through appropriate communication media in LA and EU and
6.    Create, produce and disseminate visibility & communication material about the programme
7.    Disseminate the studies and ensure the implementation or integration of their conclusions

WORK COMPONENT- 4: Technical Unit

Prepare a list of thematic studies so that the EC and other stakeholders will decide which ones to select.
The selected thematic studies will be implemented, while missions to the Latin American countries will be performed following approval by the EC of the detailed programming, the terms of reference and the short term experts proposed. In particular, these will be coordinated with the EU Delegations and with the regional and national specialised institutions.
The implementation of the selected studies will be mainly performed by the thematic experts provided by the Consultant, in collaboration with the two key experts that will contribute with general supervision.

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