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Managing municipal wastewater is a priority issue in the environmental sector, as discharge of untreated wastewaters does not only cause environmental degradation but also imposes a significant and direct threat to human health.

LDK has been providing services in this area for years and through different levels of involvement starting from Master Plan preparation up to the design of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) and finally the provision of Technical Assistance for the Construction and Supervision of such facilities.

Wastewater recovery for irrigation or other purposes is becoming more and more attractive especially for areas suffering from water scarcity. Similarly, recovery of energy or nutrients is considered when dealing with the sludge produced from WWTPs.

LDK approaches wastewater management in a holistic way, starting from the treatment selection up to the recovery and best utilisation of the treated effluent and the sludge produced, in order to identify options that would best benefit the environment, in a cost effective way.

A similar approach applies to industrial wastewater, in which we seek for cost-effective treatment methods that would also safeguard compliance with the regulatory requirements.

LDK’s key areas of expertise include:

Implementation of Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (91/271/EC)
Wastewater Master Plans
Wastewater minimisation and recycling
Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Sewerage Networks: Feasibility Studies, EIAs, Design, Tender Documents, Construction Supervision
Trade Effluent Agreements
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