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The energy sector is of strategic importance in economic development, from different viewpoints. Energy fuels the development of the productive sphere of the economy, and is key in determining competitiveness. It plays a major role in the standard of living of the population, and affects their disposable income. Moreover, it acts directly as a lever of economic growth, through the utilization of indigenous energy resources, geographic location, and geopolitical conditions.

Designing strategies involves setting up and analyzing energy balances, making and evaluating projections, identifying strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities, specifying objectives and goals, setting up scenaria, determining criteria, and selecting among alternatives. It is a complex and far from straightforward process, and depends greatly on the intentions of the authority.

We possess a long experience with all types of energy fuels, forms and technologies, and we understand their dynamics and interrelations. As a result, we can employ multidimensional considerations in setting up energy strategies, and we are able to advise on sensible and effective policies. - Bottom info - Home 2 Section