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A functioning business sector, access to the labour market and the creation of the necessary conditions to spur entrepreneurship and employment are all necessary elements in building healthy and stable communities. LDK provides assistance and advice to governments in the development of action plans for employment along the lines of best practices in Europe and elsewhere and in the design and implementation of active labour market measures required to correct structural labour market imbalances.

LDK’s expert teams have also been involved in the creation of new institutions such as SME Development Agencies and Business Communication Centres in transition economies. Clients have benefited from our advanced technical expertise and long-term view to the sustainability of our actions long after projects end. The training provided by LDK in the context of these actions is always planned to be precisely targeted to the needs of the trainees and thereby maximise the impact arising.

LDK’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Employment and Labour
  • Restructuring (sector/industry)
  • Assistance to Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises & start-ups
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