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Air pollution is a critical issue directly related to human health. Legislation exists for emissions limits from stationary sources as well as for setting ambient air quality standards, while a lot of effort has been made over the last decades to improve the quality of fuels and the energy sources used in order to improve the quality of ambient air.

LDK has provided assistance to the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works to establish the first inventory of stationary emission sources and develop an integrated computational tool, facilitating the national policy on Air Emissions.

A few years later we carried out the “Assessment and mapping of ambient air quality in Greece”, in accordance with the Directive 96/62/EC for the same client. In the course of this project, series of measurements of selected pollutants were taken and air quality was assessed using suitable air modelling techniques. The final outcome of this project was the identification of priority areas for which Action Plans for air quality improvement had to be prepared.

LDK has also assisted industrial units in proving compliance with the corresponding requirements for their emissions through in-situ measurements, as well as, in proving lack of violation of the ambient air quality standards through suitable dispersion models.

LDK’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Air quality assessment: atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Air emission inventories
  • Air Monitoring Programmes
  • Pollution Control: Best Available Techniques (BAT) and Clean Technologies - Bottom info - Home 2 Section