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Policy integration of the environmental dimension became a prerequisite for the actual implementation of sustainable development. This reflects directly on the policy options promoted by the most developed countries around the globe and supported by corresponding funding instruments.

LDK has had an early involvement in relevant projects, supporting both donors and fund recipients. We have provided technical assistance to donors of different levels for the formulation of their policy and strategy through funding programmes, such as the CARDS in Serbia (European Agency for Reconstruction - EAR), or the Environmental Component of the National Strategic Reference Framework (“ESPA” 2007-2013) in Greece (Ministry of Economy and Finance).

On the other hand, we have significantly assisted countries or institutions receiving financial assistance to make the best use of it in protecting the environment, as well as in reaching specific goals such as the harmonisation with the Acquis, for candidate countries.

  • LDK’s key areas of expertise include:
  • Environmental Policy Formulation
  • Acquis harmonisation & implementation
  • Preparation of Environmental Action Plans or Programmes
  • Integration or evaluation (ex-ante, mid –term, ex-post) of the environmental dimension in several Programmes
  • Assistance for National Reporting (e.g. to the European Commission, to the European Environment Agency, to EUROSTAT, to OECD etc.)
  • Capacity Strengthening for Environmental Inspection and Enforcement
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Public participation: Consultation and/or Awareness Campaigns
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