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Athens Metro: Extension of Line 2 from Ag.Antonios to Anthoupolis, Greece

Type of Services

Provided services include:

  • preparation, validation and normalisation of data for the power simulation study, which was performed by ELBAS;
  • computation of stray currents and evaluation of their impact on structures and equipment;
  • evaluation of the results and control of the entire study against the completeness requirements of Attiko Metro;
  • deliverance of the detailed final design of the traction power main and auxiliary equipment, including all computations proving the adequacy of proposed equipment;
  • elaboration of a heat dissipation study for all sections of the traction power cables and proposal on the required number of cables and optimal space arrangement.


The project refers to the extension of Line 2 of the Athens Metro from Agios Antonios to Anthoupolis and in particular to traction power computation and design. The scope of the project is the line extension consisting of two stations, two traction power substations at Peristeri and Anthoupoli, as well as 1.5 km rail line. The particular purposes of this study are:

  • to perform traction power simulation studies in order to size the substations at Peristeri and Anthoupoli;
  • to compute, size and design all traction power equipment;
  • to compute traction power cables through a heat dissipation study;
  • to compute stray currents and propose measures to contain them within tolerable units;
  • to design the complete power cables trajectory from substation to the trac - Bottom info