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Consultancy Services for a Feasibility Study for a Tramway System in Nicosia - Cyprus

Type of Services

Technical design and cost analysis:

  1. Systems installation EM Tram
  2. Installations EM Depot – workshop
  3. Vehicles of Tram
  4. Control system of Tram
  5. Tram transit station in connection with the existsing transportation network


Overview and Evaluation Technical report of the available technologies for the infrastructure Tram

Evaluation of the proposed Power Traction Technology of vehicle compared to alternatives Technologies especially of natural gas

Detail Table Presentation of Technologies Comparative AnalysisFeasibility Evaluation of additional measures for the reduction of the environmental plot impact of the Tramway such as increasing the presentence of renewable energy field

Evaluation of the Performance and Reliability of the proposed infrastructure and those factors that have been currently implemented or to be selected based on a well-tested technical and operational standards

Highlighting additional features for operational efficiency improvement and environmental performance using intelligent technologies. - Bottom info