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Design Verfication Engineering (DVE) services for the construction J/V of DOHA Metro – Red line South elevated and at grade - Qatar

Type of Services

LDK Consultant reviewed and certified MEP design of the contractor design team, verified calculations (by conducting its own) and checked technical specifications and procedures in order to issue certificates concerning MEP installations for each stage of the project.

LDK Consultant will also produce the design package of DC2 Qatar Civil Defense Approval concerning MEP installations.


The J/V of FCC-ARCHIRODON-YUKSEL-PETROSERV has undertaken the construction of 6.97Km section of Red Metro Line - Elevated and at grade including three Traction Power Substations (750KV DC), three Metro Elevated Stations and a small tunnel.

LDK Consultants SA has been appointed as the independent Desing Verification Engineer of the contractor designer team.

Also LDK Consultants will provide the DVE Services below:

  • MEP installations along the 6.7Km viaduct (elevated and at grade).
  • MEP installations for the 3 elevated stations. - Bottom info