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Modern Tramway (TRAM) in Greater Athens, Greece

Type of Services



  1. Design coordination
  2. Quality Assurance, Environmental protection, Health & Safety
  3. Line and depot Traction Power Substations
  4. 750 V DC Overhead Contact Line (OCL)
  5. Electromagnetic compatibility study
  6. Computations of masts, portals and foundations
  7. Electrical feeding and sectioning design
  8. Stray currents study
  9. Design of stops and stations
  10. Depot/workshop design
  11. Control and communication
  12. Noise and vibration study




The project concerns:

  • Detailed Final Design and
  • Construction of civil works, and all mechanical and electrical installations for the construction of the Modern Tramway (TRAM) in Greater Athens.

The trajectory has a total length of 25.9 km double track, and includes 23.8 km commercial line and 2.1 km service line to the Depot and Workshop.

The project comprises 45 halts, one Depot, and 16 traction power substations.

The trajectory consists of 3 sections:
a) Section S1: SEF - Paleo Faliro
b) Section S2: Paleo Faliro – Zappio
c) Section S3: Paleo Faliro – Glifada
All sections are on the ground. The second Section (S2) traverses urban areas whereas the other two Sections follow the coastline.

The overall tramway project is designed to operate in combination with the other public transport systems (Bus, Metro, Railway, etc) and service a substantial amount of passengers, which is expected to highly increase in the near future. The overall project value amounts to 213.573.000 Euros - Bottom info