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A constant rail vehicle track for the Piraeus port: Traffic feasibility study, Greece

Type of Services

LDK contributed its expertise to the following studies:

  • traction power supply study;
  • electrical power system study;
  • low voltage system study;
  • water supply & drainage study;
  • catenary study;
  • fire detection and fire protection study.



The objective of the project was to design a system of constant rail vehicle in the central port of Piraeus. The project comprised the following activities:

  • traffic and technical study of two options:
  1. tramway system (assessment of port needs; study of various technical solutions; study of the alignment and the capacity of the system);
  2. monorail system (assessment of port needs; study of various technical solutions; definition of basic parameters).
  • preliminary feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis of the two options (financial analysis and evaluation; socioeconomic analysis and evaluation of cost-benefit analysis);
  • selection of the system;
  • structural studies;
  • environmental impact assessment;
  • suggestion of the appropriate legal frame of the new system;
  • preliminary electromechanical study of tramway system. - Bottom info