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LDK Consultants is a multidisciplinary development consultancy, that provides engineering and policy making services.
The Group operates worldwide and have completed 2.500 projects of sustainable development in more than 50 years.

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Our subsidiary companies are the core development centers for providing engineering services in the water, environment, energy and building sectors in the Middle East and East Africa.

Our strong competence in energy regulation and energy efficiency has established us as leaders in transitional economies of Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus Region.

Our transport engineering focus in the Gulf countries render us experts in our practice.

We complement the above services with a strong socioeconomic fleur, focusing on stakeholders and civil society engagement.

Our success lies on our strong belief that Sustainable Cities are the answer to urbanization, globalization and vulnerability due to immigratory trends; therefore, we tackle all the above challenges through a strategic approach in infrastructure design and management.

We help decision makers and funders to draft and implement strategies addressing sustainability.

Finally, we take into consideration our clients’ vision and blend it with state-of-the art technology, permeated by a human-centric approach.


Stavros Damianidis


Athens, September 2020