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Design & Project Management Agreement for the Construction of the new Warehouse in Stara Pazova
Design & Project Management Agreement for the Construction of the new Warehouse in Stara Pazova

CATEGORY: Engineering & project management, Logistics Centres

LOCATION: Stara Pazova, Serbia

START/END: 2012 - 2014






Design & Project Management Agreement for the Construction of the new Warehouse in Stara Pazova

Type of Services

1.    Design Period
1.1    Technical due diligence of the selected site
1.2    Logistic Study
1.3    Master Planning
1.4    Provisional Architectural Design
1.5    Final Architectural Design
1.6    Environmental Impact assessment
1.7    Preparatory Studies for Licensing
1.8    Structural and Foundation Design
1.9    Building Service Installations Design
1.10  Fire Safety Design

2.    Contracting Period
2.1    Documentation of Technical Project for Execution (Turnkey price estimation, EPC Contract preparation and Negotiation)

3.    Engineering and Permitting Period
3.1    Monitoring, Checkout and Approval of Construction Detailed Design and of Permitting procedures carried out by the EPC General Contractor

4.    Construction Period
4.1    Construction Management and Supervision and Statutory supervision

5.    Post Construction Period
5.1    Monitoring of Defects Notification Period


The project entails the project management, supervision, technical consulting and control of the construction of a new warehouse with a gross floor area of 90.000 m2 in Stara Pazova, Serbia. The scope of the work is to help complete the Project in the targeted level of cost and quality, within the scheduled time frame under the close collaboration with the Client. Planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising, managing the resources and controlling the works to achieve the successful completion of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints such as scope, time and budget and bringing about beneficial change and/or added value were essential parts of the work.

Monitoring the Contractor's works at site includes the following services:

  • Control of drawings for construction, distributed at site.
  • Monitoring of compliance with the approved Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Health and Safety Plans.
  • Daily Monitoring of Works Program and signature of the daily "Progress and Events Report" submitted by the Contractor.
  • Monitoring of compliance with local labor regulations and monitoring of Contractor's monthly reporting.
  • Participation in Meetings with the DELHAIZE SERBIA representatives and the Contractor on site and at the Headquarters and preparation of the relevant Minutes of Meeting.
  • Preparation of Daily, Monthly and Trimester progress reports for DELHAIZE SERBIA. The reports will be available to DELHAIZE SERBIA on-line through Internet.
  • Notification of DELHAIZE SERBIA on irregularities and in every case that is needed.
  • Safeguard of the interests of DELHAIZE SERBIA. Drafting of replies in Contractor's correspondence and claims.
  • Participation and support to DELHAIZE SERBIA in eventual Arbitration.

Concerning the Health and safety at the site, the task is to achieve an "Incident and Injury free environment" in all project activities so as to protect the well being of everyone who is involved on the project. To this purpose the following activities are undertaken:

  • Ensure Health and Safety implementation plans are in place for all parts of the project.
  • Monitor site activities and safety practices; ensure best practice and continuous improvement.
  • Introduce safety initiatives.

To assure the Project Quality, the Project Manager will undertake the following activities:

  • Continuous quality control of the works at site, on the basis of the contract specifications, the local and international standards and regulations. Control of the Contractor's Quality Assurance and Control Plans.
  • Provision of instructions and clarifications to the Contractor.
  • Routine inspection and monitoring of on-site tests of materials as well as of apparent works and/or completed parts
  • Participation in start up and commissioning of electromechanical installations as well as in taking-over inspections, tests and certification by the Civil Services as well as by the Fire Brigade.
  • Control of Operation and Maintenance Manuals prepared by the Contractor and coordination of training of the staff.
  • Check of the As Built documents and drawings and delivery to the operation and maintenance staff.
  • Comment to the Client for any claim arising by the Contractors or Suppliers.
  • During the taking-over the Project Manager will be responsible for the compilation of the lists of the outstanding works, of the defects and omissions as well as of deviations. A time schedule for remedy, approved by the Client will be agreed with the Contractor and the remedy works will be monitored and inspected upon their completion.

The contract and the project were implemented under FIDIC conditions.

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